How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost in Houston, Texas?

At Kronowitz Plastic Surgerytummy tuck surgery includes liposuction of the pubis, labia majora (if needed), and selected areas of the flanks and abdomen depending on the details of the procedure. The tummy tuck also includes a plication of the diastasis recti, meaning the abdominal muscles that separate from childbearing and aging are joined back together to create a slim abdominal contour. Of course, the excess abdominal skin is removed using a tailoring technique that minimizes the length of the tummy tuck scar that Dr. Kronowitz positions at the level of a cesarean section scar. He also creates the most naturally-appearing belly button.

Dr. Kronowitz is a top plastic surgeon in Houston who is a board certified plastic surgeon with 20 years of experience. Although fat transfer cost is additional, the fat that is removed from the abdomen by liposuction can be transferred for fat transfer to face, lip injections, fat transfer breast augmentation, or fat transfer to buttocks. Tummy tuck recovery is rapid, usually less than 1 week. Dr. Kronowitz does not place drains, but instead utilizes compression garments.

At Kronowitz Plastic Surgery tummy tuck cost varies, which includes surgeons fee, operating room charge, and anesthesiologist fee. Dr. Kronowitz performs tummy tuck surgery at a top plastic surgery hospital in Houston using general anesthesia with an experienced team of anesthesiologists. The tummy tuck surgery takes approximately 2 hours and then patients return home. Kronowitz Plastic surgery not only accommodates patients located within metropolitan Houston , but also out-of-town patients.

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