Arm Liposuction

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Arm liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that can treat excess fat on the upper arms. It involves the direct removal of excess fat cells that have proven difficult to burn off through diet and exercise. This treatment can provide slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing arms for people who are self-conscious about excess upper arm fat. 

At Kronowitz Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steven J. Kronowitz provides effective arm liposuction procedures for his patients in Houston. He is a renowned cosmetic surgeon with over 25 years of experience, and his innovative approach can bring natural-looking and long-lasting results. For more information, call (713) 523-0300 or fill out this form.

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About Arm Liposuction

For many, losing weight may not always mean achieving the body of their dreams. With commitment to diet and exercise it is possible to shed some pounds, but sculpting an ideal figure is another story. You may be held back by genetics, your metabolism, or lack of time in the gym to perform specialty exercises, among other reasons. Whatever the cause, if you have stubborn pockets of excess fat that simply refuse to go away, liposuction is a safe and effective solution that boasts significantly lower complication rates than similar surgeries. (1) In some cases, excess fat can accumulate on the upper arms and make them look aesthetically unappealing. Arm liposuction treatment can address this issue directly. 

To perform an arm liposuction procedure, Dr. Kronowitz prefers using the tumescent method, in which he treats the fat cells targeted for removal with a special solution made up of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine. The lidocaine provides effective numbing for the treatment area during surgery and several hours afterward. The epinephrine helps to stiffen the fat and separate it from surrounding tissue to make its removal easier on the patient’s body. It also constricts the blood vessels to reduce bleeding during surgery. Once the tumescent fluid takes effect, Dr. Kronowitz makes small incisions on the skin of the upper arm. Using a tube-like tool called a cannula through these incisions, he manually breaks up the fat cells and uses suction to remove them. By removing precise amounts of fat from certain areas of the arm, he can meticulously sculpt a natural-looking contour, and smoother, more attractive upper arms. 

Arm Lift

For patients with excess skin that sags or forms “bat wings” on their upper arms, liposuction alone may not be enough to improve their appearance. Dr. Kronowitz can combine elements of the liposuction procedure with an arm lift, which also removes excess skin and tissue. This procedure can make the arms slimmer while providing tighter and firmer skin. It can also get rid of “bra fat”, tightening the areas around the armpit. 

Benefits of Arm Liposuction

There are numerous convenient benefits that come with receiving arm liposuction at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery. These include:

  • Reducing the appearance of fat buildup on the upper arm
  • Permanently removing stubborn fat cells 
  • Seeing the aesthetic difference that diet and exercise could not achieve
  • Moving on from the embarrassment that your arms once caused you
  • Increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Expanding your wardrobe options to tops that reveal or show off your arms

Who is a Candidate for Arm Liposuction?

An ideal candidate for an arm liposuction procedure will have excess and bulging fat deposits on their upper arm that they want gone. They will be ready to undergo surgery to achieve this goal, and they can rest assured that Dr. Kronowitz can provide optimal results. To be eligible, you should have minimal skin laxity on your arms. If you have excessive skin laxity and the tissue on your arms sags and folds, you may need an arm lift procedure instead. You should also be in relatively good health to be able to heal properly and experience the benefits of your treatment. Liposuction is not a weight loss solution, and if you have excess fat on your arms due to excess weight, you should reach your target weight before considering this treatment. (2)

Personal Consultation

At your consultation, Dr. Kronowitz will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns about arm liposuction. He will make sure that you understand the entire treatment process so you can make an informed decision. Together you will discuss your beauty goals, and he will examine your arms to determine how he can bring you closer to them. He will let you know whether arm liposuction or an alternative treatment is best suited to your needs. Come prepared to answer questions about your medical history, including details about your past surgeries, prescriptions, and conditions. He may also perform a physical exam to determine if surgery is safe for you at this time and to test your skin’s elasticity. 

With what he learns at your consultation, Dr. Kronowitz will make a personalized treatment plan for you. He will give you an accurate cost estimate for your treatment and a general idea of what your recovery process will be like. At the end of your consultation, you can schedule your procedure appointment with our office. 

Call (713) 523-0300 or message us through our contact page to book your personal consultation with Dr. Kronowitz.


We will give you preparation instructions that will be custom-tailored to prepare your body for surgery and reinforce your ability to heal. These may include important changes to your prescriptions. Following these instructions closely can increase the safety, efficacy, and ease of your arm liposuction treatment. Before any surgery, there are a few general guidelines that Dr. Kronowitz recommends:

  • Avoid NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) like ibuprofen and aspirin, vitamin E, and certain herbal supplements to prevent excessive bleeding.
  • Quit smoking to improve your healing ability.
  • Prepare your home for recovery by filling your prescriptions, stocking up on healthy groceries, and creating a comfortable environment.
  • Schedule a ride home from our facilities on the day of your procedure.

Arm Liposuction Procedure

At Kronowitz Plastic Surgery, we perform arm liposuction procedures on an outpatient basis. To prevent discomfort during your surgery, we will administer general anesthesia. Dr. Kronowitz will begin by treating your fat cells with tumescent fluid. He will then make small discreet incisions around your arm and remove fat cells using a cannula. He will take his time to craft an aesthetically pleasing contour on your upper arms. When your surgery is complete, we will take you to a recovery room where we will monitor your condition as the anesthesia wears off. When you feel stable, you may go home and begin your journey to recovery.


In the first few days after your surgery, you may experience redness, swelling, sensitivity, and discomfort around your treatment area. These symptoms should go away on their own. We will give you compression garments to be worn constantly for several weeks. These will help to control and reduce swelling. You should take good care of your incision sites and get plenty of rest. When you are able to resume everyday activity will depend on your rate of healing. Most patients can return to work after one week. Be sure to avoid strenuous activity for four to six weeks, or until you are completely healed. 


The results of your arm liposuction will be partially hidden by swelling for up to six months. However, most of the swelling will subside a few weeks after your surgery, and you will be able to see the majority of your transformative results. Your arms will be slimmer and more youthful-looking. 

Liposuction provides permanent results, as fat cells cannot come back once Dr. Kronowitz removes them. If you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, you can prolong the new look of your arms for decades. Experiencing weight fluctuations may affect your results, though, as your remaining fat cells can still shrink and grow. 

How Much Does Arm Liposuction Cost in Houston?

The cost of your arm liposuction treatment will depend on the extent of your symptoms and the techniques Dr. Kronowitz uses to provide proper care. To learn more about how much arm liposuction costs at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery in Houston, call (713) 523-0300 or contact us online.


Can arm liposuction treat sagging skin?

Arm liposuction by itself cannot reduce the appearance of sagging or drooping skin. An arm lift, which involves surgically excising skin and tissue from the arm, will more effectively treat this issue. 

Is arm liposuction risky?

While all surgery carries the risk of potential complications, arm liposuction has relatively low instances of infection and other side effects. With advances in surgical technology, as well as the small incisions that this procedure requires, the risk factor is not significant.

Does arm liposuction leave visible scars?

The incisions that surgeons must make to perform arm liposuction are very small, but they do result in visible scars that tend to fade over time. 

Can I combine arm liposuction with other procedures?

Yes, arm liposuction can be combined with other cosmetic procedures if desired. Many patients choose to combine it with procedures such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck to achieve comprehensive body contouring.


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