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Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, some individuals cannot eliminate the stomach bulging and loose abdominal contour that occurred with age, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations.

Tummy tuck surgery, known as abdominoplasty, restores a tighter abdominal contour by repairing abdominal muscles, trimming excess skin, and removing pockets of fat.


Am I a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery restores a firmer and flatter abdominal contour. This procedure is ideal for women whose stomachs have loosened due to pregnancy, those who have experienced massive weight loss, or those who have been unable to tone their abdomens through proper diet and exercise.

While tummy tuck surgery does remove pockets of fat, this procedure is not intended for and will not result in significant weight reduction. Ideal candidates for tummy tuck surgery do not smoke, are in good health, have tried to achieve a toned abdomen naturally, and have realistic expectations of their results.

What Can a Tummy Tuck Do?

  • Remove loose skin that resulted from significant weight loss
  • Eliminate the “belly bulge” or “stomach pooch”
  • Repairs weakened or separated abdominal muscles—known as diastasis recti
  • Improves posture
  • Helps with back pain
  • Increases your clothing options

To see if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck, schedule your consultation with Dr. Kronowitz in Houston, TX by calling (713) 523-0300.

How Is My Tummy Tuck Performed?

Tummy tuck surgery is an outpatient procedure that is performed with general anesthesia. You will be able to return within a few hours of your surgical procedure.

Dr. Kronowitz located in Houston, TX utilizes a low-positioned, short incision. This incision is made above the pubic line so that the resulting scar will be easy to conceal. Most patients do not require an incision made around the belly button, but this may be recommended for patients with significant skin laxity.

Dr. Kronowitz will discuss the incision options, lengths, and positions with you during your consultation.

Localized pockets of fat are removed from the lower and upper stomach using liposuction, the abdominal muscles are repaired and tightened, and stretched and loose skin is trimmed and draped over the newly tightened abdominal contour.

What Is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is a variation of the traditional tummy tuck that utilizes a smaller incision and provides a lesser degree of correction. The mini tummy tuck is appropriate for individuals with a lesser degree of excess skin, loose muscles, and fat in the lower abdomen.

As the mini tummy tuck is less invasive than its traditional counterpart, it does not need as long to recover and will result in a smaller scar.

What Will My Tummy Tuck Recovery Entail?

Your lower abdomen will be wrapped in a compression garment that will protect the healing incision and help reduce bruising and swelling by promoting blood circulation.

You will be sore after their tummy tuck and will need assistance for the first day to help with all household chores, dressing, and getting up. This discomfort will progressively lessen and can be alleviated with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication.

Most patients return to work and their day-to-day activities after two weeks, but strenuous exercise and lifting or carrying anything over 10 pounds is restricted for at least six weeks.

When Will I See My Tummy Tuck Results?

The results of your tummy tuck will begin to show immediately after your surgery but will improve over the following weeks and months as the bruising and swelling subside. Your tummy tuck will result in a smoother, firmer, and more toned abdominal contour.

Tummy tuck results are long lasting, but additional weight fluctuations are possible and can affect the quality of your abdomen. To prolong the appearance of your results, you should maintain a stable weight and avoid further pregnancies.

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck


How Much Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

At Kronowitz Plastic Surgery tummy tuck cost starts at $8,500, which includes surgeons fee, but it does not include operating room charge and anesthesiologist fee.

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Where Can I Learn More About Tummy Tuck Surgery?

To learn more about tummy tuck surgery or to get a tummy tuck cost estimate, contact Dr. Kronowitz at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery by calling (713) 523-0300 or by filling out our online contact form.