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Fat Transfer to Breast in Houston, TX

Many women consider breast enhancement surgery to increase the size and fullness of their breasts. While some women are happy to choose either silicone or saline breast implants, other women do not feel comfortable with the concept of implants.

Fat transfer to the breasts offers women an alternative to traditional breast augmentation. Fat transfer breast augmentation uses fat that has been harvested from your body to add natural fullness to your bust.

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Am I a Candidate for Fat Transfer to Breast?

Fat transfer to the breast is performed for patients who wish to enhance the volume of their breasts without implants. Women considering this procedure do not smoke, are in good overall health, have realistic expectations of their results, and have enough fat elsewhere on their body to harvest.

What Are the Benefits of Fat Transfer to Breast?

Fat transfer to the breast mimics the results of breast implants without some of the limitations of implants. Fat transfer to the breast:

  • Offers an organic augmenting material
  • Provides natural softness
  • Produces subtle or noticeable fullness
  • Comes without the risk of implant rupture, capsular contracture, or implant displacement
  • Sculpts the surrounding body contours

To see if you are a candidate for fat transfer to the breast, schedule your consultation with Dr. Kronowitz by calling (713) 523-0300.

How Is Fat Transfer to Breast Performed?

Fat transfer to the breasts is performed in three steps:

  1. Donor fat is harvested through liposuction
  2. This fat is purified and combined with your stem cells
  3. Your fat is injected into various areas of the breast to increase volume and shape

From Where Is The Fat Harvested?

Donor fat is harvested from the patient’s abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, or back using gentle liposuction techniques. This procedure not only adds natural fullness to the breasts, but it sculpts and slims the surrounding body areas to enhance physical contours.

Should You Combine Fat Transfer to the Breast With a Breast Lift?

Many women consider breast enhancement surgery after having children or losing weight. When women experience a sudden decrease in breast volume, they often develop a deflated breast appearance and breast sagging. While fat transfer to the breast restores lost volume, it cannot tighten the breast tissues or remove excess skin on the breasts.

Breast lift surgery is performed to tighten and elevate the breasts after nursing or weight loss. The combination of these two procedures restores a youthful, perky, and full breast appearance.

How Long Is My Fat Transfer to Breast Recovery?

Fat transfer to the breast is an outpatient procedure, and you can return home to recover shortly after your procedure.

You may have compression garments/dressings wrapped around the chest as well as the harvesting sites. These dressings help to contain and minimize the bruising and swelling following the treatment. Any post-operative discomfort can be lessened with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication.

Most of the swelling will resolve within one to two weeks. At this time, most women feel comfortable returning to work and their normal day-to-day activities, but they should refrain from strenuous exercise and pushing, pulling, or lifting anything over 10 pounds.

How Much Does Fat Transfer to Breast Cost?

The cost of fat transfer to the breasts with Dr. Kronowitz starts at $7,488, but this may vary significantly once all of the external factors (i.e., anesthesia fees, facility fees, pre-surgical tests, post-surgical dressings) are included. Fat transfer to the breasts is customized to you, and the total cost of your procedure will be dependent on the amount of fat harvested and transferred, and any other surgeries that are performed in combination with this surgery, such as a breast lift.

You will be quoted an accurate cost estimate during your consultation with Dr. Kronowitz.

When Will I See My Fat Transfer to Breast Results?

While you notice fullness immediately following your fat transfer to the breasts, you should understand that some of this fullness is due to swelling, and some of it is fat that will eventually be absorbed by the body.

Most patients see the full extent of their fat transfer to the breast within a few weeks of the procedure. The fat that survives the transfer will be long lasting, and women can enjoy their naturally full and voluptuous breasts for many years to come.

Secondary fat grafting can be performed if additional breast volume is desired.

Are You Interested in Fat Transfer to Breast in Houston, TX?

To learn more about fat transfer, contact Dr. Kronowitz by calling (713) 523-0300 or by filling out our online contact form. Dr. Kronowitz offers fat transfer to the breast for patients from Houston, Cypress, The Woodlands, Houston Heights, Kingwood, River Oaks, West University, Bellaire, Memorial, Katy, Spring, Sugar Land, Friendswood, Pearland, Clear Lake, Galveston, League City, Pasadena, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.


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