Everything To Know About Breast Lift Surgery In Houston, Texas

What to Expect from Breast Lift Surgery?

Unfortunately, childbearing and aging can result in breast sagging because of relaxation of the ligaments within the breasts. However, breast lift surgery can not only lift the breasts back up onto the chest, but also make the breasts look years younger. A breast lift performed by Dr. Kronowitz, voted the best breast surgeon in Houston, Texas, will also restore the round, teardrop shape and make the breasts look fantastic in clothes and bathing suits. When a breast lift is performed using the advanced technique used at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery, the breasts look as if they had breast implants placed, but they didn’t! 

Breast Lift Without Breast Implants

Many patients who come to Kronowitz Plastic Surgery do not want an augmentation along with the breast lift. Some patients have enough breast tissue that the breast lift will result in large-sized breasts. Other patients do not want larger breasts and desire only breast lift without augmentation. Dr. Kronowitz assists patients in determining what breast size to expect after a breast lift procedure.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Many patients want larger breasts along with the breast liftDr. Kronowitz performs breast lift with breast implants and breast lift with fat transfer breast augmentation. The breast lift and breast augmentation are performed at the same surgical procedure.  When fat transfer breast augmentation is performed along with breast lift surgery, liposuction is used to harvest the fat to transfer to the breast for augmentation. Kronowitz Plastic Surgery also performs breast augmentation with breast implants in Houston, TX.  Breast lift with implants is also performed with the short, scar breast lift.  Whether breast lift with breast implant augmentation or breast lift with fat transfer to breast the results are amazing!


The cost of breast lift varies. Of course, augmentation along with breast lift is higher with the price of breast lift augmentation. The cost of fat transfer augmentation and breast implant as well. Kronowitz Plastic Surgery offers many styles of premium breast implants for patients to choose the best breast implant for their lifestyle.


Recovery after breast lift surgery performed by Dr. Kronowitz, voted the best plastic surgeon in Houston, TX, is usually only 7-to-10 days. Patients can usually return to work in 1 week or sooner, if required. The recovery is so quick because Kronowitz Plastic Surgery does not use surgical drains for breast lift surgery

Before and Afters

Dr. Kronowitz has performed hundreds of breast lift procedures in Houston, TX with minimal breast scarring and gorgeous results! Patient examples are available here.

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