How Much Are Dermal Fillers in Houston, Texas?

Dermal fillers have changed facial rejuvenation. Many patients who used to require surgical facial rejuvenation now undergo non-surgical procedures. What is in a dermal filler? Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acids with different viscosities. Depending on location for dermal filler injection, determines which dermal filler product is best. For instance, lip injections may require a medium viscosity, as opposed to cheek augmentation with cheek fillers that require a thicker viscosity. Many patients get dermal fillers in Houston, Texas at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery.  The cost of botox injection varies. The cost of dermal filler in Houston, Texas varies. However, Dr. Kronowitz personally performs a facial analysis on each patient and personally injects all patients. In contrast to other less qualified dermal filler injectors in Houston, Texas, Dr. Kronowitz is a facial plastic surgeon, an expert in facial anatomy which results in a better outcome and more safe injection of dermal fillers in Houston. Cost of lip injections in Houston, cost of cheek fillers in Houston, cost of liquid rhinoplasty in Houston, cost of chin fillers in Houston, cost under eye filler in Houston, varies at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery. 

Dr. Kronowitz in Houston, Texas performs lip injections with lip fillers in, under eye filler tear trough filler and nonsurgical cheek augmentation with cheek fillers. The before and after images of the dermal fillers injected by Dr. Kronowitz shows the amazing results. In general, dermal fillers last approximately 9 months. Liquid rhinoplasty lasts 9 months with results that confirm that liquid rhinoplasty with dermal fillers is worth the cost. Lip enhancement with fillers results in lip augmentation with beautiful full-appearing lips. While performing lip fillers in Houston, Texas Dr. Kronowitz not only injects filler into the lips but also the cupids bow and oral commissure.  Under eye tear trough filler for eye bags can remove the dark circles under the eyes, restore a smoother appearance to the eyelids, and serve as treatment of eye bags. Under eye filler should only be performed by an expert dermal filler injector, like Dr. Kronowitz to avoid injury. Chin augmentation with chin filler can treat a double chin and avoid the need for a chin implant. Dr. Kronowitz performs chin filler in Houston, Texas. Nonsurgical cheek augmentation is performed at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery with cheek fillers. Cheek fillers, as well as all dermal fillers are injected at the initial visit at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery. Minimal bruising from injectable cosmetic fillers, usually only requires 30 minutes at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kronowitz includes ice packs and arnica cream at no additional cost, which limits the bruising and swelling, so most return immediately to work.

When choosing dermal filler injection in Houston, it is imperative that a qualified injector perform face injections. Long lasting damage can occur, including permanent blindness. Another important consideration, verify the use on label dermal fillers, as opposed to off label and counterfeit dermal filler products. At Kronowitz Plastic Surgery, patients receive the highest quality on label dermal fillers and botox. Over the years, many Houston dermal filler patients continue to come to Kronowitz Plastic Surgery for the outstanding results with dermal fillers as well the experience of Dr. Kronowitz, quality of face injection products, and safety of dermal filler injection.

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