Why Should You Choose a Plastic Surgeon to Inject Your Dermal Fillers?

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Are you thinking of improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with facial injectables? 

Injectables (such as neurotoxins) and fillers are a safe and non-invasive way of improving facial contours to achieve a fuller, vibrant, more youthful-looking appearance. As injectables continue to become widely popular, many medical professionals are providing the service, some of them at discounted prices to lure in clients.

What Should You Know About Injectable Providers?

With such widespread popularity, many people may assume that one provider is as good as the next. 

Unfortunately, the reality is there is a greater chance of encountering a provider who lacks the proper training and experience, leaving you with unsatisfactory results.

You do not want to take chances and end up with the dreaded frozen face or other undesirable changes that cost you more to address or even lead to medical complications. 

For this reason, patients are advised to work with board-certified plastic surgeons to ensure safe injections and a beautiful income.

Why Are Plastic Surgeons More Qualified to Inject?

With years of rigorous training in facial anatomy, a qualified plastic surgeon has a better-defined aesthetic sense and understands the nuances of each of the products and the facial areas being targeted. 

Therefore, a plastic surgeon knows the right products to use, appropriate areas, and exact volumes needed to achieve natural-looking and high-quality results.

Injectables are not a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment. Every face is different, so each treatment is tailored to fit a patient’s facial anatomy, unique aging process, and desired goals.

More importantly, a plastic surgeon can offer alternative treatments for more definitive and long-lasting results. Since injectables do not work for everyone, some patients may want to consider surgical options such as fat transfer to the face, brow/forehead lift, facelift surgery, or even a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

Depending on your concerns, a plastic surgeon will recommend appropriate procedures to create more comprehensive results.

Finally, going to any injectable provider exposes you to the risk of getting treated with fake or substandard products. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon, you gain peace of mind knowing you are getting the real deal.

Schedule a Consultation With Dr. Kronowitz for Filler Treatment!

Dr. Kronowitz believes every patient deserves the expertise only a board-certified plastic surgeon can provide. Unlike many plastic surgeons, he performs all injectable treatments personally to guarantee beautiful and long-lasting results.

With a refined aesthetic eye and extensive experience in the field, Dr. Kronowitz will design a custom treatment plan that helps you achieve the most natural-looking results, letting you put your best face forward. Let us help revitalize your appearance to reflect the youthful energy you feel on the inside.

Dr. Kronowitz offers several injectable neuromodulators and dermal fillers, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Restylane®, among others.

If you are interested in any facial correction procedure, we invite you to contact us at 713-523-0300 or fill our online form to schedule a consultation to discuss your options and determine the best treatment for the most incredible results.

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