The Ability of Cosmetic Surgery To Change Lives!

Recently, I cared for a patient that really exemplified the power of cosmetic surgery to change lives! The daughter of this patient, on whom I had also performed cosmetic surgery, brought her mother for cosmetic consultation to consider surgery. Her mother was overweight and finding it difficult in regards to mobility, like playing with her grandchildren and going on family trips. Not wanting to be excluded anymore, and with a deep desire to become more active, together we embarked on a journey of extensive body contouring surgery to allow her to regain her lifestyle! Although a challenging perioperative course, she is now 6 months past her surgery and not only looks fantastic, but feels great. She is able to enjoy her grandchildren, and although missing the upcoming family trip abroad, she is determined that she will partake in the next family trip, and no longer miss out on the joy of family togetherness.

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