Plastic Surgery: Don’t Fear Facelifts, They Are Back In Style!

Dr. Kronowitz performs facelifts and neck lifts with  results that are amazing! Not only are the results very natural, his facelifts erase 20 years of aging without obvious scarring, changes to your identity, or changes to hair lines. Heavily marketed, less invasive techniques, like thread lifting or vampire facelifts to name a few, are a waste of your time and money. Dr. Kronowitz performs facelifts and neck lifts in both women and men with the same amazing results. The procedure is safe and has a quick recovery. Dr. Kronowitz is very experienced in performing facelifts and achieves outstanding customized results in every patient. His patients are thrilled with the outcomes and, they often regret not having had it performed sooner in life. Of course, not every patient needs a facelift. Some patients are candidates for botulinum toxin and fillers and others require a facial refresh, which can involve only surgical rejuvenation of the eyelids, neck liposuction, and facial fat grafting. However, facelifts are safe and achieve great facial rejuvenation outcomes in Dr. Kronowitz’s experienced hands, especially for patients with jowl formation and sagging necks. Don’t fear a facelift, Dr. Kronowitz can change your life and make you feel 20 years younger with his facelift and neck lift. plastic surgery

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