Not All Plastic Surgeons Are The Same!

Firstly, it is estimated that probably less than 30% of plastic surgery practices are actually plastic surgeons, not to mention certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Not only is Dr. Kronowitz board certified in plastic surgery, but a board certified general surgery – American Board of Surgery. Secondly, Dr. Kronowitz’s dedication and hard work led him to be accepted to the most prestigious training programs in New York City, where he learned from the masters of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kronowitz’s residency and fellowship training lasted 9 years, most plastic surgeons only train for 5 years, and some at some very bad residency training programs! Unlike the typical private practice plastic surgeon, Dr. Kronowitz, located in Houston, TX, was a tenured professor for 15 years at the best hospital in America before entering private practice almost 4 years ago, imbuing him with surgical skills far surpassing the overwhelming majority of private plastic surgeons. And lastly, Dr. Kronowitz’s staff and his personal dedication to his patients until their cosmetic rejuvenation is completely done!

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