Is Now the Best Time for a Breast Reduction and Lift?

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Many women who undergo the breast reduction/breast lift procedure have been thinking about it for years. This is because women with overly large, heavy, and cumbersome breasts often develop them early in life (such as in their late teens and 20s). 

Overly large breasts pose complications both physically and emotionally. Because of this, breast reduction is a popular cosmetic enhancement surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure performed to remove breast tissue and fat from oversized breasts. This procedure is performed alongside breast lift surgery to lift, tighten, and reshape the newly reduced breasts. 

While women turn to cosmetic surgery for all sorts of reasons, the most common benefits of breast reduction include the following:

Relief From Physical Discomfort

Heavy breasts have been known to contribute to back, chest, breast, shoulder, and neck pain. Breasts of this size can also lead to poor posture (since women need to change how they carry their weight), which can also put pressure on the spine. 

In addition, many women develop deep grooves in their shoulders (from the constant pressure of bra straps) and skin rashes beneath and between the breasts. 

Breast reduction can reduce or eliminate this discomfort by minimizing the weight and size of the breasts. 

Increased Emotional Confidence

Women with large breasts also tend to develop emotional insecurities due to their breasts. 

Many women feel that people do not truly see them; instead, they only see their large breasts. This can be challenging at any age, but it can especially lead to challenges when experienced at a young age. It is not uncommon for teenage girls with oversized breasts to experience mocking, bullying, or unwanted attention. 

Breast reduction can restore better proportion to the body, which can help women increase their confidence and self-esteem. 

Better Ability to Find Clothing That Fits

Many women with oversized breasts understand the difficulty when shopping for clothing. This is because clothing sizes are meant to fit women with balanced proportions. Many women with large breasts find that shirts or dresses may fit around the breasts but are far too large everywhere else, or they fit the waist but pull significantly at the breasts. 

What Do the Studies Say About Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates among all plastic surgery procedures. In fact, studies report that 95 percent of breast reduction and breast lift patients were satisfied and would do it again. 

Hear what Dr. Kronowitz’s patients say about their breast reductions. You can also see the transformations by visiting our breast reduction before and after gallery.

How Soon Can I Get a Breast Reduction?

 Breast reduction can safely be performed once a woman’s breasts are fully developed. This often happens around the age of 18. Reduction and lift surgery can benefit adult women of any age, whether they have always been unhappy with the size of their “girls” or their unhappiness stemmed after multiple pregnancies or aging.

Candidates for breast reduction should be physically healthy, not pregnant or breastfeeding, and realistic in their expectations for their results. 

What Should I Combine a Breast Lift With My Reduction?

A breast reduction removes breast tissue and fat. This surgery does not remodel the remaining tissue, remove skin, or resize/relocate the nipple-areola complex (NAC). 

This is where a breast lift comes in. 

Breast lift surgery is performed to raise dropping breasts by tightening skin and tissue. This is needed for women with large breasts since the added weight tends to lead to premature sagging.  

Because reduction and lift are always performed together, they are often considered to be one procedure even though they require different techniques. A breast lift can be performed without a reduction or in combination with another breast surgery.

Interested in Reducing Your Breasts in Houston, TX?

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