BOTOX Neck – HATE YOUR NECK!!! What are those bands in my neck?

Botox Injections

Actually, very few patients need a facelift. Only the most severe cases with excessive drooping neck skin require a surgical facelift and neck lift. Do not let a plastic surgeon talk you into a neck lift that you do not need! Dr. K located in Houston, TX does many advanced and innovative facelift and neck lifts and is a avid proponent of surgical facelift and neck lift in the correct circumstances in the appropriate patients.

However, most women and men come to Dr. K with dissatisfaction of their necks appearance because of so called, “bands” which are anatomically referred to as platysmal banding. The platsyma is a muscle of the neck that lies directly under the skin, that as we age, forms contracture’s or tightening’s that creates small hernia’s or “banding” within the neck. In the majority of patients, using only a few syringes of botulinum toxin, Dr. K can rid you of those bands in 60 seconds with no pain.

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