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Why Choose Fat Transfer to the Face Surgery?

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Posted March 16, 2021 in Facial Fat Transfer

Not only can liposuction result in body sculpting, but the fat that is removed can be injected into the face to rejuvenate an aging face. Once the fat is removed by liposuction for body contouring surgery it is cleaned and then injected into various parts of the face using needles. One area of the face or multiple areas of the face can be injected with the fat, depending on the desires and the needs of each individual patient. These areas of the face include fat injections in lips, fat injections to cheeks, fat injections under the eyes or any other areas of the face. The liposuction performed to accommodate the fat transfer to the face surgery can be taken from any place on the body, like from abdominal liposuction, thigh liposuction, or any liposuction procedure. 

Fat transfer to the face can be performed as the only procedure or combined with any other plastic surgery, like a tummy tuck. Fat transfer recovery is rapid with only some mild bruising. Liposuction recovery usually depends on how many body areas have undergo the liposuction procedure. Fat transfer to face cost starts at $5488 at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery located in Houston, Texas and liposuction cost is included. The results of fat transfer to face are incredible!


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