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Kronowitz Plastic Surgery

​​​​​​Patient: DP

Following months of chemo, a mastectomy, and follow-up radiation, the skin of my chest was too badly damaged from the burns to allow for reconstruction without replacing that skin. Dr. Kronowitz performed a DIEP flap procedure, using my post-menopausal abdominal fat and skin to create a new breast to replace the one affected by cancer. At the same time, a prophylactic mastectomy was performed was performed on my left breast so that Dr. K could use additional fat to replace that breast tissue. He later performed liposuction to gain additional fat to balance the size and shape of my my new breasts.

Both my husband and I have enjoyed our relationship with him. Given his amazing credentials, one would expect him to be detached and aloof, but he is instead friendly, charming and fun. He is always willing to answer any questions in full so that we understand exactly what to expect. We are pleased with the results of my surgeries and feel blessed to have this remarkable man as my surgeon. Thank God for Dr. Kronowitz!

Patient: TH

“First time meeting Dr. Kronowitz, his words were “I’m going to make you beautiful.” To his word, he did. The experience has been amazing. Dr. Kronowitz’s bedside manner is one of a kind. He is warm and friendly. His staff is amazing and makes you feel as if you are the only patient that they have. Throughout this journey I wouldn’t want to be in the hands of anyone else.”

​​Patient: CC

I am a 2x breast cancer survivor. Dr. Kronowitz performed a Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator Flap (SGAP), using the fat and tissue from the upper portion of your buttocks.  
Not many doctors can perform this surgery. I was not a candidate for the stomach flap. The surgery was very long and tedious...Dr. Kronowitz did a fantastic job. He was very caring through the whole procedure. He not only is a great doctor but a talented one. My breast looks as good as new. I am more than pleased. I would recommend Dr. Kronowitz as one of the best plastic surgeons.

Patient: ME
I was concerned about fine lines around my eyes, so I consulted with Dr. Kronowitz who recommended facial fat grafting.  He also recommended using fat from my thighs to fill in the sunken areas of my cheeks and to plump up my thinning lips.  The procedure was quick and my down time was about a week.  Soon after my friends began to make comments about my beautiful skin, saying I looked younger, and wanted to know what products I was using.  As the next few months passed, my skin continued to improve even more.  I could not be more thrilled!​​

Patient: JL

I started seeing Dr Kronowitz for my fillers over a year ago. I did a lot of research and wanted to make sure the doctor was the one injecting me. I'm so happy I found Dr K! He's the best doctor I've had inject me. I look amazing!

Patient: CG

I had my flanks removed. I am very happy with the results. The procedure was quick and I was back to normal activity within three weeks. All involved with procedure were extremely professional but at the same time caring. I would highly recommend Dr. kronowitz  to anyone looking to have this kind of procedure done.

Patient: JH

"Given the nature of my work, image is important to me.  So, when researching plastic surgeons – and there are many good ones in the greater Houston area – I wanted to find a doctor whose knowledge and skills of various procedures was paralleled by their artistry.  Dr. Kronowitz delivered that and more.  Dr. K and his professional, transparent and yet congenial staff made for a truly wonderful experience.  And the results?  Let’s just say that I’ve never been happier."   


Patient: JM
​Love Dr Kronowitz and his staff! You would expect a doctor with his superstar credentials to have a big ego and be all about himself. But this guy is warm, caring and just a great person. My husband and I are so grateful to have him as my plastic surgeon! It just can't get any better!

Patient: BN

To say Dr. Kronowitz is a great surgeon is an understatement; he is one of the top plastic surgeons in the world. I have begun flying in from Los Angeles for fillers and botoxs every month. Dr. Kronowitz performed his Dr. K make over on me and it has changed my life. Anyone who has anything bad to say about Dr. Kronowitz has obviously never been one of his patients. I would trust Dr. Kronowitz with any one of my family members or friends. Trust me, he is the absolute best of the best!

Patient: HZ

My experience with Dr. Kronowitz was extremely positive. He is a one-of-a-kind plastic surgeon, his skills as a surgeon are outstanding. He is very knowledgeable and uses the best techniques in the industry resulting in minimal scaring and speedy recovery. Dr. Kronowitz is patient, understanding, and is able to place himself in the position of the patient. He truly cares about his profession and those he serves. He definitely exceeded my expectations! I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery, and looking forward to another procedure with him in August. I highly recommend Dr. Kronowitz to anyone considering plastic surgery, he is definitely the best in Houston!

Patient: AJ
I cannot rave about Dr. Kronowitz enough! I have had several body sculpting procedures performed by him. He is kind, generous with his time and has amazing skills. I interviewed several plastic surgeons before making my decision, as these procedures tend to be costly and time consuming. Dr. Kronowitz's credentials first drew me to him, but after meeting him, I knew he was the only choice. I couldn't be more thrilled and have planned some facial procedures for the near future.

Patient: GB

Dr Kronowitz is the greatest!! I have gotten several compliments on how well my reconstruction was done from others in the medical field. He was always caring and reassuring. I would feel very comfortable recommending him.

Patient: LL

Dr. Kronowitz is the only doctor I would trust a friend or family member to see. Dr. Kronowitz performed his Dr. K's make over on me. Saying it has changed my life would be an understatement! Dr. Kronowitz and his friendly staff had the best bedside manner out of any surgeon I have ever seen. His facelift and breast augmentation had me feeling like a new woman! He is a true superstar plastic surgeon. I will be seeing Dr. Kronowitz many more times for injectables and chemical peels.

Patient Testimonials

Patient: PR

Dr. Kronowitz performed my lipo- abdomen, lipo-bilateral thighs, liposuction back and a fat transfer to my face a little over a week ago and my clothes are too big for me. I'm also receiving compliments on how I look. I can't wait to see more changes in the coming weeks. I will be posting more comments when I have my 1 month post op visit. Thanks Dr. K. I'll see you in month.

Patient: GE

Dr. Kronowitz was fantastic! Scheduling my rejuvenation injections was easy, his staff is courteous and helpful and he took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. I had similar injections from another provider in the past, but Dr. Kronowitz's skill made the procedure less painful. I had no complications and he was so kind.

Patient: MM

It's been a week since my procedure and I am so impressed with the difference the surgery has done on my abdomen. I am so happy with the initial results and can't wait to see the evolution and improvement of my body.

Thank you Dr. Kronowitz, Ruth, and Lisa. It was such a great and life changing experience.

Dr. Kronowitz is truly the best!     Best Wishes.

Patient: MC

When searching for a plastic surgeon, I asked physicians in Houston to recommend the very best breast reconstruction surgeon. No one debated, Dr. Kronowitz's name came up consistently and I am so thankful that I chose to use him. While his surgical skill is unsurpassed, I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly patient and empathetic he and Elisa has been. With so many areas of concern in this long process, I never once was concerned that I would have anything less than the absolute best care.

Patient: LC

I came to Dr. Kronowitz after having had previous breast surgery including saline implants and a breast lift, some 20+ years ago. My goal was to have the now hardened saline implants removed and replaced with more natural silicone implants. After careful examination by Dr. Kronowitz we decided on a new breast lift as well as the implants. My surgery was beyond successful!!!!!!! Not only were the old implants removed and replaced with more natural silicon implants but the breast lift gave me cleavage for the first time as well as natural full looking breasts. Most impressive to me was the scarring, or lack thereof. I have pencil line scars that have already faded about 50% (I am 3 months post op), and I expect all of my scars to be barely noticeable within 6-12 months. As a health care professional (I am a registered nurse), I am beyond pleased with my decision to allow Dr. Kronowitz to remake my breasts and would HIGHLY recommend him to any woman looking to enhance her natural beauty with the full, natural looking breasts that we all deserve.​​

Patient: WW
“There are many good Plastic Surgeons out there, but few are true artists. Dr. Kronowitz, is just that, an artist.  His deft hand with Fillers and Botox has given me amazing results.  He has a sculpter’s critical eye, and never does too much, or too little.  He also enjoys the process of making you look the best you can be, and always makes me feel so comfortable and in such good hands.  I can honestly say I look better now, than I did 15 years ago. I’m deeply grateful to have met him.” 

Patient: ER

After researching the best of Plastic Surgeons I met with Dr. Kronowitz he was so knowledgable assured me that he would see me through and that he did. Surgery was risky for me being a diabetic and 59 yrs old I wanted tummy tuck after losing weight, had a great deal of sagging skin. At time of surgery he found that I had a huge hernia and took care of both, although it took me 5 mos to recover, he kept his word and saw me through it. Now I feel and look fab. He is a great surgeon. Thanks Dr K!

Patient: TF

Dr. Kronowitz provided an excellent explanation of the procedure (facelift), put me at ease and provided a fabulous result. I have never looked better or been happier! His staff was courteous, efficient and prompt. I have sent several friends to him as well.

Patient: EB
I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Kronowitz. He and his staff have been outstanding to work with. Dr. Kronowitz surgical skills, experience, compassion and care has resulted in giving my better results than I ever realized were possible.
Dr. Kronowitz uses a fluid approach to his surgical plan and will make adjustments during surgery whenever it is necessary and will improve my results. He also combines his surgical talent with an artistic talent and vision and works toward a result that takes into account changes that occur during healing.
As a patient, it is wonderful to know you have a doctor who wants to exceed your expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Kronowitz.

Patient: FB​
I am so thrilled I chose Dr. Kronowitz to perform my tummy tuck. I researched all of the plastic surgeons in Houston and decided to have Dr. Kronowitz perform my surgery. My tummy is now so flat with muscle definition. He even performed liposuction, which many local plastic surgeons were not offering along with the tummy tuck. I have bought new dresses and my husband is so excited with my new figure. Do yourself a favor and have Dr. Kronowitz perform your tummy tuck. Although, I had a tummy tuck with liposuction, I have heard he does an amazing job with faces and breasts as well. I am already saving for my face lift for a few years from now.

Patient: PH

Very professional and courteous! Dr. Kronowitz sensed my trepidation about my surgery and reassured me I would be pleased with the outcome, and he was right! After dealing with breast cancer, it was reassuring to not worry about reconstruction.

Patient: AM

I chose Dr. Kronowitz to do my breast reconstruction after researching and interviewing several surgeons. I know I made the right choice. I could not be happier with my results and the care I have received. Aside from his OR skills, Dr. Kronowitz is compassionate and spends the necessary time making sure you understand the procedure and what's ahead. I could not imagine going to another surgeon! I would recommend Dr. K to anyone and everyone and will choose him again for future procedures. 

Patient: SW

I am so very thankful that I chose Dr. Kronowitz for my breast augmentation. Dr. Kronowitz is extremely knowledgable and easily answered all of my questions/concerns during our consultation. He really helped me choose the perfect size implant for my body and I could not be happier with my results. He, along with his staff, are top notch and I would highly recommend them!

Patient: KP

Having kids just did a number on my body... so after 10 years of mommy tummy, I made me a priority. From the moment I meet Dr. K and his team I was meet with such kindness and understanding... It made my decision a lot more comfortable that I was picking the right doctor to help me feel like me again..

I feel SO blessed now..! 
Thank you Dr. K!

Patient: KB

When I came to see Dr. Kronowitz I didn’t have much hope to have a normal breast again. I am a breast cancer survivor but I had previously had many surgeries and ended up with infections each time, so my doctor then would remove the infected tissue as well as scar tissue so I literally had half a breast, I was deformed and so ashamed of how I looked. MD Anderson recommended Dr. Kronowitz to me, so I made an appointment and thought I didn’t have anything to lose and some slight hope he could fix me. He was very confident he could help me once he examined me, so I left his office with an appointment for surgery and a renewed hope and faith this would work out. I have had a couple of surgeries so far and each time I have felt better and better. I have one or two more left to get me as symmetrical as possible and I have faith I will look great once this is over. Dr. Kronowitz has been so kind, caring and compassionate to me, he immediately eased my mind that he would be able to help me and so far he has been wonderful. I am so grateful to have found him and he has saved my dignity and restored my faith. I am looking forward to seeing my final results. I highly recommend Dr. Kronowitz for any cosmetic and reconstruction surgeries, he has many years of experience and knows exactly what he is doing and what he is talking about. And the staff there have been so great, so kind to me. I could not have asked for a better doctor and staff to go to.

Patient: PW

​It's been one year since my Dr. K's Makeover and I look and feel wonderful! I have lost more weight and for my 62nd birthday I signed up for a marathon! I am so thankful and grateful for you, your staff and all who had my care in their hands. I've had no problems and will make time to visit soon. Thanks again.

Patient: CC
When searching for a plastic surgeon, I asked physicians in Houston to recommend the very best plastic surgeon. No one debated, Dr. Kronowitz's name came up consistently and I am so thankful that I chose to use him. While his surgical skill is unsurpassed, I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly patient and empathetic he and Elisa has been. With so many areas of concern in this process, I never once was concerned that I would have anything less than the absolute best care.