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Brow Lifting Is Very Important In Men!

Anatomically, men's eyebrows are lower than women's, so with aging and sagging they can impinge upon the eye sockets.  Men, also develop deep-seated forehead wrinkles, which when treated with botox can further worsen the low position of male eyebrows and may even impair vision. 

There Are Several Options To Treat Low Eyebrows In Men! 

The most simple procedure, which is performed in the office is to inject filler into the eyebrows, usually while treating forehead wrinkles with botox. In men undergoing eyelid surgery, there are several options to elevate the sagging eyebrows. These include fat grafting the eyebrows, which provides support and volume to sagging brows and is the most simple surgical approach. Another option, upper blepharoplasty internal brow lifting, is to elevate the eyebrows through the incision used to repair upper eyelid sagging and fat removal removal. This approach is also relatively simple and requires no additional incisions. The last approach, endoscopic brow lifting, not only elevates the eyebrows, but also removes forehead wrinkles. Endoscopic brow lifting uses 5 small incisions in the scalp behind the hairline.