Female Injectables


Dr. Kronowitz "personally injects" all of his patients himself. His "new techniques" treat the forehead, eyebrows, temples, tear troughs, high and low cheeks, nose, lips, around the mouth, chin, and jawline. His philosophy in the female face is to remove the wrinkles, while still retaining animation to the face for a natural appearance. Dr. Kronowitz considers it imperative that volume be restored to the upper face, which is synonymous with youth. Dr. Kronowitz's advanced and innovative injection technique of botulinum toxin and fillers results in the most striking, prominent eyebrows and cheeks. Dr. Kronowitz also eliminates the neck bands that tend to occur in the aging female face. If so desired, Dr. Kronowitz can also dissolve any undesirable neck fat. Dr. Kronowitz is well-known for injections of the most gorgeous and natural-appearing lips.



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