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Kronowitz Plastic Surgery


Dr. K's Complete Makeover


Dr. Kronowitz's new techniques will completely makeover your entire body from head-to-toe using only 1 surgical procedure. Dr. Kronowitz will specifically customize your surgical plan based on your specific needs. Dr. K's Makeover's are individually unique to each of Dr. K's patients. Dr. K's vision for the future of cosmetic surgery revolves around the processing of all removed, liposuctioned fat, which he reinjects into the face, breasts, or the buttocks, which makes it imperative to consider all regions of the body that each particular patient may benefit from the fat injections to restore youth. Recycling of removed fat is the cutting-edge of Dr. K's advanced and innovative approaches!

Your Dr. K's Makeover will make you the best looking person in the room with the most gorgeous face and the most beautiful body. Why not look like you did 20 years ago? Let Dr. K bring it back! Dr. Kronowitz will make you feel and look like you never thought you could!