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Kronowitz Plastic Surgery


​​Dr. K will perform complete body liposuction. Dr. K will then filter the liposuctioned fat and inject the fat and stem cells into your breasts, face, labia, or buttocks resulting in a total body fat transfer. Thereby, removing fat from your undesirable areas, like the thighs, abdomen, back, and flanks and directly transferring the fat to enhance the areas of your body you want more prominent and shapely. Some patients desire the fat to only be injected into the breasts and not the buttock, or the buttock and not the breasts, or the labia at the time of tummy tuck and thigh lifting. Dr. K also frequently injects the fat and stem cells into your cheeks and tear troughs and other regions of your face to restore the volume lost by facial aging. DR. K's body fat transfer will completely reshape your entire body shape and the stem cells within the injected fat will rejuvenate your skin's appearance!