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Kronowitz Plastic Surgery

Tightened and Sculpted

Scarless Brachioplasty

No Long, Ugly Scars Under Your Arms!

Dr. Kronowitz doesn't like the unsightly, long brachioplasty scars. Even with the long scars under your upper arms, the arms themselves don't even look that good! 

Dr. Kronowitz takes a different approach to correcting the hanging upper arm skin and drooping fat that occurs with aging!

​Dr. Kronowitz uses the latest, innovative technology to make your arms look better and avoid scarring! No, "not cool sculpting" or other similar technologies that simply do not work. Do not waste your money!

Dr. K uses VaserLipo because it generates heat and ultrasonic energy to liquefy the fat in your arms. A similar result can not be obtained with standard liposuction. 

Dr. K's VaserLipo technique results in long term tightening of the upper arms!